Daniel Brewer Art
Artist statement:
Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying “everything you can imagine is real”. In this sense I am a realist, pursuing the reality of the imagination. My work reflects a visceral response to my encounters with the world. While not directly focused on making social commentary, the work does engage obliquely with issues such as privacy, ageing, as well as our relationship to the environment and technology. Shoes, shirts, fences, and discarded soda cans permeate my work. The space they occupy is often multifaceted, portraying landscape and portrait sensibilities simultaneously. These objects interest me because of their expressive or metaphorical qualities and the possibilities they present for conveying a narrative. The images I employ are familiar items we all encounter and live with. They age and weather with us, offering metaphors for complex issues.
I often call the place where these images exist the “in-between world” the realm where the rational and absurd converse and some veiled truth becomes manifest. The place that is both simple and complex, crystal clear and ambiguous, sophisticated and child-like. I seek the tension that these contradictions produce as a means of activating a picture as well as acknowledging the role they play in our lives. I am intrigued by the unconscious mind, the way it morphs and collages experiences with memory, creating a fascinating world where angst and humor
Whether I am cutting a block of wood, drawing or painting, the process at hand impacts the end result. The resistance of wood to the knife, the printing of a block or the unexpected interaction of color in a painting can serve to change my pattern of thinking and initiate change. Unexpected images, resulting from remnants of my working process, are always welcome guests.